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Hydro Tents

A hydroponic grow tent/box/room is a device for growing any kind of plant in a self contained environment. These automated growing systems are typically totally enclosed, and contain a built in High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) light, intake and exhaust fan system for ventilation, hydroponics system for growing, and odor control system for removing strong smells and odors. Some advanced grow box units even include air conditioning to keep running temperatures down, as well as CO2 to boost the plant's growth rate. Grow boxes are generally used by indoor gardeners who do not have a patch of soil to grow in, or by dwellers of high-rise condos who lack a garden. They are also popular with year round gardeners who wish to grow plants out of season, and in the dead of winter. These hydroponic grow box systems are generally very easy to use, and allow the gardener to tweak all aspects of a plant's environment to perfection for optimal growth.

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