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Basics of Indoor Gardening

Growing plants indoors is rewarding if you start small and work up to larger grows and more complex techniques.

Find good genetics, either from seeds or plant cuttings. Select varieties that are well adapted to your climate; native plants are always best.

Keep the mothers of the plants you want to continue to grow. Mother plants should be kept under constant vegetative light, usually T-5 fluorescents or metal halide HID lamps. Select the plants that exhibit the most vitality to become mothers, and tend to them well in order to keep them healthy as they will supply you with the needed propagation stock. Mothers can be conveniently kept in systens like the General Hydroponics' WaterFarm System.

Propagating plants is the best way to ensure that you are growing the exact crop you want. Cuttings are pieces of the mother plant that are removed and encouraged to root. It is easy to learn how, all you need are clean, sterile tools, a heat mat and a Rapid Rooter Tray. Growers can also utilize cloning systems like the GH's RainForest System to aid in cutting developement. Provide General Organics BioRoot to promote root growth. Cuttings and their mothers can live in the same room, under constant light, 24 hours a day.

Once the cuttings develop into small, well established plants, they can be transplanted into larger containers. Feed and supplement the plants according to the grow requirements on the nutrient Feed Chart Program that you have selected.
Make sure their environment is healthy- plants love fresh air. Proper circulation of air will help keep mold and mildew at bay. If you provide indoor plants with 24 hours of light, they will be allowed to reach their maximum potential very quickly. It is good to start slowly, with an 18/6 cycle, meaning 18 hours of light and six hours of dark. Then after the young plants have adapted, switch it to 24.

As the plant grows, depending on its species, it will begin to reach maturity and you can switch the amount of light again to induce blooming. Changing the cycle to 12/12, equal parts light and dark usually does the trick. Begin feeding the plants a good bloom formula. Using the bloom supplements will allow the plants to thrive and the best yields. Maximize plant functions by maintaining proper temperature and humidity. Let the flower buds to develop, and allow the plant's crop to ripen.

When it is time to harvest, every grower has their favorite technique for finishing. Some like to turn of all the lights for several days, some people break the main stalks, but don't harvest the yield immediately. Whatever your methods are, it is crucial to flush the plants with a product such as Flora Kleen and pure water for two days to a week. Take new cuttings from your mother plants about 2 weeks before you are ready to harvest to maximize production and keep your garden going.

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