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Cloning a Plant


Select a branch or stem that has at least 2 or 3 sets of leaves.

Locate a spot on the branch between, or next to, a set of leaf nodes where your cut will be made. (leaf nodes are where the branches come out of the stem.) Leave at least one set of nodes above the cut.

Make a clean, neat, 45 degree slice with a razor blade or knife. It is important that you do not damage the branch while handling.

Remove the lower 1 or 2 sets of branches (stems and leaves), leaving the upper sets of leaves to be placed above the soil or growing medium line. Trim any flowers or buds that remain.

To prevent an air bubble (embolism) from lodging in the stem where the cut is, immediately place in a container filled with a cloning solution or dip in cloning gel. Place cutting into your growing medium - transfer quickly if you are not using the CLONING GEL, If using the CLONING GEL, transferring time is not as critical as the GEL will seal the stem. Completely coat the entire stem with approximately 1 inch of the Gel.

Keep your growing medium moist and warm with bottom heat at all times for best results. Never let your soil or growing medium dry out.

Check your growing medium daily and water with with a cloning solution until roots appear.

Transfer cuttings once roots appear or a strong root ball is establish.


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