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"Eco Enterprises is their name and gardening products to help you grow almost anything imaginable is their game! they have top notch customer service and nice incentives to spend money:) i would say that i have easily invested more at this one site than any two or three others in the same field, why? because i have never had a business organization big or small go out of their way to make sure that their customers are satisfied like they have...period, in fact i so firmly believe that that just dotting the end with a period wasn't emphatic enough, i had to spell it out! hows that for coolness. so if you live on the west coast and are into plant products & propagation products look for these folks as they are my benchmark standard when it comes to indoor or outdoor gardening, soil or hydroponic products, they have all you need and more."

Dylan H

"I found the staff to be very helpful and considerate.The product line was good and they price-matched another firms lower price.I would not hesitate to purchase from them again."

Balvenie - Marysville, Wa

"Your company is second to none and I have recommended you to my gardening club"

Mike -Topanaga, Ca

"Welcome to Costco, I Love You! Thanks for everything Eco People!!:)"

Toby - Port Angeles, Wa

"Thanks for your super fast service!! My last order arrived 23 hours after the order was placed!! I don't even understand how that's possible, but you do it!!"

Jared - Walla Walla, Wa

"I grew all the plants displayed at this site using Eco Liquid nutrients. I have been doing business with Eco for several years and have received the best service and advice available anywhere! Their nutrients are excellent but they stock other brands to cater to customer needs. Simply put, it's a great little company!"

Ron - Mountlake Terrace, Wa

"Thank you very much, I am very pleased with your service"

Eric - Buena Vista, Co

"I have ordered from Eco numerous times. Wonderful customer service, good prices."

Froggy - Lancaster, PA

"I received your catalog so fast! It's informative and a joy to read. Your company rules! Thanks!

Scott - Camarillo, Ca

"I have ordered from ECO Enterprises a couple of times this year. Both times my order was here within 2 days. I'm sure there are a few, but I haven't dealt with any other business that will get everthing out the day it's ordered."

CG - Richland, Wa

"This is my first time ordering from your company. You guys have great deals. Keep it up."

Mo - Victorville, Ca

"You guys rock, thanks"

Benjamin - Livingston, Mt

"Thanks for the great store"

Mariquita - Wofford Heights, Ca

"Wow! That was quick! You’re the greatest!"

Mary - Keniworth, Il

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