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Sensi Grow A/B 1L Set

While your plants need the absolute best nutrients for maximum vegetative growth... what they need more... is the ability to absorb those nutrients more efficiently!

That's why the scientists who created this new growth phase breakthrough - pH Perfect Sensi Grow - went the extra mile to ensure that the most important ingredients in this formula were chelated for maximum absorption.

(Chelation simply means the ingredients are bound with other nutrients which help them get inside plants so the plant cells can use them more quickly and more efficiently.)

This 5-in-1 formula contains the optimum number of chelated macronutrients that your plants need for faster vegetative growth.

Many growers wonder what the difference is between pH Perfect Sensi Grow and pH Perfect Sensi Bloom... and one of the biggest differences is... the actual nutrients they feed your plants.

Because your plants require different macronutrients in the grow stage than they do in their bloom phase.

For instance, during the growth phase, when your plants need nitrogen, calcium and other necessary nutrients, pH Perfect Sensi Grow's chelates force these nutrients directly and immediately into your plants' roots, leaves, cells and flowers-greatly speeding the growth phase.

Plus, the following micronutrients are 100% chelated: Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Molybdenum, Copper, Boron and Cobalt... which of course means... your plants more easily absorb and use these nutrients... and you get faster vegetative growth and much stronger plants!

Even if you're a hobbyist grower or you're just getting started growing hydroponically - you'll find you will be getting "pro level" results in no time with pH Perfect Sensi Grow.

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  • Model: 3325-3326
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  • Manufactured by: Advanced Nutrients

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