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Final Phase 1L

People who grow vegetables, and fruits have found that fertilizers and other substances often accumulate in their crops and produce quality problems that become evident after harvest. Smart growers flush their crops during the last week or two before harvest, thus removing fertilizers and other compounds from the plants. Thats why more and more growers are using Advanced Nutrients Final Phase, which helps growers safely remove accumulants from crops in an efficient manner. Fruits and vegetables flushed with Final Phase have cleaner taste and more nutritional content. Directions: Use only with water. Do not add to nutrient solution or any other additives. Keep cool and dark. Do not freeze. Use Final Phase 7-10 days before harvesting. Final Cycle: Drain and rinse reservoir of all nutrient feed solution. Fill with clean water and add 10 ml per gallon of water. Agitate thoroughly. pH should be adjusted between 5.5-5.8 for hydroponic and 6.2-6.5 for sphagnum moss and soil mixes. Continue this for the last 7-10 days of your flowering cycle

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