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OxyClone 20

Proven Technology Tested With Many Varieties of Cuttings - Rest assured the oxyCLONE gets the job done! If you are looking for speed please purchase an EZ-CLONE.If you are looking for massive roots and superior performance, please read on.

Introducing the oxyCLONE family of cloning machines. The oxyCLONE 20 is the smallest most successful cloning System at an affordable price. Once you master the oxyCLONE you will wonder what you have been doing with all the pumps, spray jets, heat issues, and leaks. The oxyCLONE uses the RDWC/Oxygenation theory to produce incredible results. (Re-circulating Deep Water Culture with heavy oxygenation) There are no huge pumps to heat up your water. It's special power head circulates and oxygenates the cuttings with life and energy. They are relaxing in the cool solution - not being beat up by high pressure powerful spray jets.

With TWENTY Full Size 2" Sites with same spacing as the Big Boys 30 site. THE oxyCLONE will start rooting in several days to a week depending on the species. It is slower than aeroponics during the first 3-5 days. Again to remind you we are not about speed, we are about ROOTS. Once the roots pop out they will rapidly expand into our reservoir and far exceed your imagination. This is when the aeroponics would begin to beat up your root growth and the oxyCLONE kicks on the oxygen and ROOTS will start to fill your reservoir. Don't worry - you can leave your plants in there a long time, just add some nutrients.

There is what is called a Sweet Spot with the oxyCLONE. That is when you have mastered all of your techniques and are getting continuous 100% results with your cloning. Very easy to lift the cover and have a look. No sprays in your face and not 1 by 1 - check them all in a few seconds.There is no hurry to take your clones out. Allowing them extra time to grow and develop will contribute to larger healthier plants. Its all about the ROOTS folks, Those who know their hydroponics will have fun with the this technology and use similar configurations in larger format. NO LEAKS, and no jets to clog or break.

The oxyCLONE 20 is 11" X 13" and holds 1.75 gallons of water. LOW Power of 3 watts = lower temperature of your water. The oxyCLONE comes fully assembled - Just add water, your cuttings, and plug it in. It Completely pays for itself in the first use.

There are many advantages to Deep Water Cloning and you can eliminate many of the problems associated with other methods.Included are (1) set of 20 Premium Re-Usable incredible high quality neoprene inserts.

  • 1 - 85 gph oxygen power head with tubing and optional silencer.(you will get more oxygen without the silencer)
  • Performs better than systems costing 3 - 5 times the price.
  • Save your money on gels and cloning solutions.
  • You just don't need them with the oxyCLONE.
  • These are proven units and they work with amazing results.

  • We have been running these systems for more than 2 years with with fantastic results in torturous conditions.There is virtually no increase in water temperature because of our low powered oxygenator. The secret to the oxyCLONE'S success is the combination of the movement and the super oxygenation.Keeping your water as cool and oxygenated as possible is critical to success as when the water gets warm problems develop. The oxyCLONE is the only cloning system that will work when the power goes out. Think about how long a clone will live in any aeroponic cloner when the power goes off?? Answer = Maybe they would go 45 minutes??? The oxyCLONE - 4 days - no problem. The oxyCLONE will not disappoint you.

    We also want to bring to your attention our experience has found that most cuttings when cut, and placed immediately into the oxyCLONE stand STRAIGHT up and no droopers. Seriously folks. We still believe a spray bottle is good to use the first couple of days and forget the domes - they are not necessary. Also EASY on the lights and excess leaves. The cutting needs to focus on making roots for survival, not growing upwards, and not feeding big leafs. It is only a theory of which there are thousands.

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