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Piranha Liquid 1L

Piranha, by Advanced Nutrients, contains organic beneficial fungi that creates faster hydroponics growth and bigger yields. Its the only beneficial fungi formula to receive official approval from OMRI- the Organic Materials Review Institute. Piranha is a 100% organic formula that cleans and energizes roots and root zone. Piranha helps roots uptake nutrients faster, and turns root zone debris into nutrients. It also protects plants. Piranhas beneficial fungi protect crops safely and easily. When used as a foliar spray, Piranha fights gray mold, powdery mildew, Pythium root rot, Rhizoctania solani, Fusarium, Sclerotium rolfsii, Sclerotinia homoeocarpa and other problems that ruin plant health and decrease yields.

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  • Model: 3500
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  • Manufactured by: Advanced Nutrients

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